Why choose Me as your wedding photographer


Why choose Me as your wedding photographer


Why choose Me as your wedding photographer…  Let me convince you that I am the photographer for you.  It’s simple.

If you want a true representation of your day. If you want the true emotions of the day captured in a relaxed style.  If you want a photographer who lets you just get on with enjoying the day that you have worked so hard at organising.  If you want to just chat and enjoy time with your guests.  And you want all of this captured in beautiful, cleanly edited images (that won’t date) then I am the photographer for you.

The key to the way that I work is, I don’t demand any of your time on the day, apart from 15 minutes with just the two of you.  The rest of the time I will be documenting your day exactly how it is happening, so that you will receive a true representation of your day.

If you think I could be the right photographer for you then please do get in touch today and lets see if we are a match!

Why choose Me as your wedding photographer

Images taken at The Ashes Wedding Venue


Recipe For Happily Ever After

© Ilona M. Blake

Published: February 16, 2018

Today will be perfect
In every single way,
A beautiful fairytale
For your wedding day.
The theme of your day
Is to have love and laughter
And to live your days
Happily ever after.

Living happily is
What we need to survive,
So how does one keep
The magic alive?
How do you light a spark
That never goes out?
And how does one live a life
Without fear or doubt?

How do some people manage
To keep their love strong?
And how do some couples
Always feel like they belong?
What do you need to do
To stay in love forever
And make each day special
And grow fonder together?

Well, these very questions
You must address every day.
You must take the time
To go out of your way,
To always share love
And always share laughter,
To do whatever it takes
To live happily ever after.

Here is a recipe
I think is a must,
So let’s begin with
Always having trust.
Don’t forget it’s important
To have total respect,
And to always stay loyal
To keep your love perfect.

You must communicate
Each and every day.
Three special little words
You must never forget to say,
“I love you.” It’s amazing
How these words make you feel
Happy, safe, and valued,
And they will keep your love real.

A simple act of kindness
Goes a long, long way.
Blend it with understanding
And you can’t go astray.
Don’t forget friendship.
It will help you to cope.
Add a sprinkle of faith
And an abundance of hope.

Remember your smile.
It is beautiful to see.
It can brighten one’s day.
It can make you feel free.
So my wish for you both
Is you always have love and laughter,
And I pray that you will enjoy
Your happily ever after.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/recipe-for-happily-ever-after