Liz + Lorne | Wedding Photography at The Ashes


Liz & Lorne | Wedding Photography at The Ashes

Wedding photography at The Ashes for Liz & Lorne’s wedding.  These gorgeous guys celebrated their wedding day at The Ashes in the heart of rural Staffordshire.  As a photographer I am absolutely spoiled by the fact that I get to work here regularly.  I absolutely LOVE this venue.  They had a fabulous day.  Here are just a few images….



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wedding photography at the ashes
The Ashes

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The band has been booked, the cake has been made,
the photographer’s chosen, all bills have been paid.
The guests are decided, the menu too;
Something borrowed? Check! Ditto old and blue.

The stationery’s been ordered, along with the flowers,
favours are done after fiddling for hours.
The stag do’s a blur, same goes for the Hen –
won’t be drinking that much in one sitting again!

The dress has been picked, accessories bought;
there’s nothing to schedule, no more to sort.
After endless to-do lists for over a year,
it’s time to relax; the big day is here!

Sitting here with my girls as our hair gets done,
I can’t help feeling lucky to have found ‘the One’ –
Just think, by lunchtime I’ll be his new wife!
Roll on the wedding, and our new married life!

By Catherine Smith
Bridgend, Wales