Wedding Photography FAQs

Wedding Photography FAQs

When I have meetings with couples I'm often asked the same questions during our consultation. So I thought it would be a good idea to put some of those into a post for you. This isn't to say that we won't discuss any of these when we chat! It's just to give you an idea. I know there is also a FAQ page on the website for the same thing but it doesn't hurt to reiterate does it!

Wedding Photography FAQs

So here you go! Here are the Wedding Photography FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) by my couples. Of course if you have any other questions that you want to ask, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to answer any questions that you have.

We'll start with one of the most asked wedding photography FAQ's which is 'What is your style of Photography?'

And I always say that I’m a creative photographer but I also like to record your day in a way that is authentic and true.  This is achieved by capturing all of those special moments that happen in the blink of an eye, as well as creating something a bit special when we have a little bit of spare time; usually during the evening turn around before your evening guests arrive. Fort he most part I'll capture the real moments. The only time I intervene is for the Bride and Groom shots but that only takes about 15-20 minutes.  So you get to just enjoy the magic of your day with your family and friends.

Another Frequently asked question is 'Do you do group photos?'

And the answer is 'Of course!' I will take some of your close family and the Bridal Party. What I don't do however work from a huge long list shouting names for an hour! I don't think that you want to do that either on your wedding day! The time goes by so fast on your wedding day, the last thing that you want is to be standing for hours while we try and locate everyone!

What does your coverage include?

You will get me as your photographer for the day (9 hours coverage). This usually works out from 2 hours before the ceremony time up until the first dance at approx 8pm. I will generally be finished for 8.30pm.  By this time, I'm ready for a big glass of something alcoholic and fizzy!

The most important Frequently asked Question for me!! 'Do we need to feed you?'

Oooooh, Yes please! Working hard for you takes up a lot of energy and a hot meal is very much essential and very much appreciated. And a desert will give us the sugar boost that is very much needed by that point! Plus it means that I don't need to leave the venue to get food so will be around incase I need to capture something fun happening! Usually you will discuss this with your caterer. 

When will we get to see our images?

The aim is to give you a couple of sneak peeks within a few days of your wedding but the real work happens over the next 4-6 weeks, where your images will be artistically mastered to the highest degree possible.

Another frequently asked question is "How many images will we receive?'

The goal is to tell your story, the way it happens, beautifully, fully and completely.  With this in mind, you will receive approximately 500+ images depending on the nature of your day.  You will be able to download your images directly from the website, giving you instant access to them as soon as they are ready. Awesome eh?

I frequently get asked 'Can you hold a date for us?'

I get booked up so quickly. I can't hold a date for you I'm afraid.

This is a very good Frequently asked question, 'What happens if you’re ill on the day?'

And my reply is always, only a very serious illness would keep me from being there, but if it were to happen, I would do my very best to sort out a replacement photographer for you.  I have a large network of photographers that I know who I could call on should the need arise.

So what happens now?

If you think you want to book me for your wedding but you want to (virtually) meet me first via a Zoom meeting, then just get in touch and we can arrange a meeting.  I usually meet with couples at my home in Trentham, Staffordshire, we can have a cuppa and long chat about all your plans for your day and what you would want from me (once it's allowed again that is!) For now we can have a chat over the phone, on FaceTime or a Zoom meeting. Just let me know what works best for you and let's become friends!

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