Lizzie & Tom's wonderful multicultural celebration at The Mill Barns

Check out this amazing wedding and wedding photography at The Mill Barns. With almost 130 guests, Lizzie & Tom were assured of a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends. Of course the day started with Tom being put to the test.

Putting the Groom to the Test 

Chuangmen, also known as door games, is a key highlight of the day’s festivities. Lizzie's bridesmaids prepared to test the groom’s determination to marry the Lizzie and to win approval from the Lizzie's family. The tasks vary but typical games involve testing the groom’s knowledge of the bride, eating something spicy, sour, bitter, and sweet to prove that he can go through every stage of marriage, and at least one challenge that involves pain. I don't think they put Tom through that though.

Tom also had to hand over a red packet with money for the bridesmaids to “surrender” their friend. Only upon winning all challenges was he be allowed to see Lizzie. This was then followed by the Chinese tea ceremony.

Offering Tea and Paying Respects 

 The Chinese tea ceremony is a tradition performed at Chinese weddings. This is the time the bride and groom express their respect, gratitude, and appreciation for their parents’ love, support, and effort in raising them. The ceremony took place on the Terrace. A red tea set with a Double Happiness symbol was used for the tea ceremony. Lizzie & Tom's family gave the teacups to them and they served tea to their parents. After each takes a sip of their tea, they were offered a red envelope with money or gold jewellery to bless the union, and as an official welcome to the family.

I absolutely LOVED witnessing this part of the day. What a treat. Getting to carry out wedding photography at The Mill Barns with this gorgeous lot!

The Civil Ceremony

Then Lizzie returned to the dressing room to get changed, out of her traditional Chinese red wedding dress and into her traditional English, civil ceremony dress. In which she looked just as beautiful.

As always, it was a pleasure to work once again with Neil from One Fine Day Productions. Always the professional and always a laugh too!

Getting to share these days with my couples is a dream, it truly is. Creating wedding photography at The Mill Barns is made all the more easy when I get chilled couples like Lizzie & Tom.

So if you're looking for wedding photography at The Mill Barns and you like my style, then get in touch today.

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