Wedding Day Timings

Wedding Day Timings

Planning the timings for your Big Day


When I have consultations with Brides and Grooms (in my gorgeous Studio in Eccleshall, Staffordshire), I generally take them on a virtual journey through the day, explaining what will happen and when.  Without fail, the couples say that it’s so useful for them as they hadn’t even though about half of the things that we cover.

So, I thought that I’d take you through the process, to give you an idea of what you can expect on your day 🙂


Getting Ready – 1.5/2 Hours

Typically, I will cover getting ready for 1.5 to 2 hours before the Ceremony time.  This gives me plenty of time to get the tail end of your hair and make up and also capture the details such as your Dress and shoes etc.  I will capture the entire day candidly, and the ‘getting ready’ prep is no exception.  I’ll usually blend in,  chatting to the bridesmaids, candidly capturing the atmosphere of your prep.  Generally, I bring a second photographer, who can go to the boys in the morning to capture their prep for about 30 minutes before they leave for the Ceremony.  Most of the time though, my second will meet the boys at the Church or the Ceremony venue and get candid photos of them meeting the guests arriving.



Putting on your Dress – 30 minutes

This really depends on your dress style.  If you have a simple zip up dress then obviously that won’t take as long as a more complicated corset style.  It always takes longer than you think it will.  Always give yourself ample time as more often than not, other things will present themselves which add to the time taken to get the dress on.  It’s a good idea to cut out labels the day before, anything you can do in advance will help alleviate the stress on the day.

Travelling to the Ceremony – as longs as it takes and then some

It goes without saying that when travelling, always allow longer to account for traffic or any other unforseen circumstances.  I know that some think that it’s tradition to be late but times have changed and you may not know, but if you’re having a civil ceremony, the registra will only wait for 15 minutes and then they will leave your venue or move to the next couple.  Also, being late has a knock on effect for the rest of your day and the chef may not be amused either!  So don’t be late..

Straight after the ceremony – 20/30 minutes

This is the moment that you will be congratulated and hugged to within an inch of your life… so just enjoy the ride!  I’ll make sure that I capture these lovely moments.  If it’s a church ceremony then we will generally have a confetti throw just before you leave for your reception.



Drinks Reception – 1.5/2 Hours

Your drinks reception will usually last for about 1 and a half to 2 hours.  This gives you plenty of time to just enjoy the afternoon, chatting with your family and friends.  I will capture all of your friends and family while they are relaxed and enjoy the day, with genuine smiles on their faces; rather than a forced, stand in a line and look at five different people with their cameras in hand.  Your day can be relaxed and enjoyed by you all.  And I will capture the entire thing for you.

Bride and Groom Portraits – 30 minutes

This is the only part of the day that I will take you both away from everything and everyone, and get some lovely natural images of you together.  This will be done when the light is at it’s absolute best.  (Obviously weather dependent too).  During the summer months this tends to be after the wedding breakfast and speeches.  We’ll take you out and get some gorgeous images of just the two of you, the new Husband and Wife team 😄

Wedding Day Timings


Wedding Breakfast – Variable

This will depend on the number of guests you have and how many courses you have planned.  Your catering company will advise you of how long its likely to take.

Speeches – 30/45 Minutes

A good guide line would be 10/15 minutes per speaker.  It’s a good idea to have a chat with your speakers and advise them of this.  After all, you have a party to get to!

Cake & 1st Dance – 10 Minutes

Cutting the Cake and your First Dance tends to take place consecutively and generally takes about 10 minutes.. then the party can really get going!!


Photos of The Dancing – 20 Minutes

I usually stick around for about 20 minutes straight after your first dance to capture some of the awesome moves on the dance floor.


If you like the sound of my approach to photographing weddings then please do get in touch today so we can arrange to have a chat at the studio.  Use the Contact form here.  Speak to you soon!

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