Wedding bouquet ideas


Wedding bouquet ideas

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a weakness for beautiful wedding bouquets. I am so lucky that I get to photograph beauties like these on a regular basis. What a great job I have! Have e a look at these wedding bouquet ideas…

Over the years I have seen many, many variations of the bridal wedding bouquet. Trends have come and gone, but what I have noticed in the last 5 – 6 years, is that there really isn’t a current ‘trend’. Absolutely all of the past styles are totally on trend. And they are all gorgeous!

Cascade / Spray

Now, I’m not exactly a connoisseur of bouquets (you’ll need to ask the guys and girls at The Topiary Tree Hanford as they ARE connoisseurs) so please take this post as literally my humble observations.

Probably the style that had endured the longest time through the years is the cascade / spray bouquet. (At least that’s what I thinks it’s called :)). My mum in fact had this style when she married my dad in the 1960’s. She looked beautiful (and my dad scrubbed up well too!)

This was Cassy’s beautiful cascade style bouquet in neutrals, with lots of foliage and succulents…. divine!

Wedding bouquet ideas

Hand Tied

The hand tied bouquet is pretty much what it says. A cluster of stems, hand tied together with either ribbon, hessian or twine, to give a lovely relaxed element to the bouquet. As if you had wandered through a valley and literally just picked them. It looks simple but my word, I imagine they take hours to put together to make them look this way. I adore this style ❤️

One of my favourite ever bouquet by The Topiary Tree was Maliha’s…. no words necessary!!


The crescent style is similar to the hand tied but obviously the clue is in the name! It’s created in the shape of a crescent. Like this gorgeous offering from Dotties Flowers . The flowers in the centre are usually more condensed and then the foliage trails off to the sides. Perfect if you are planning a whimsical wedding.

wedding bouquet ideas


The Round is exactly what it says on the tin and probably the most recognised. Round in shape, with lots of flowers and not a great deal of foliage. Larger than a Posey and more structured, it is the perfect bouquet to match a wide variety of wedding dresses.


Posey bouquets are a beautiful classic bouquet. Ideal for petite brides, bridesmaids and flower girls as it’s relatively small and easy to hold with one hand. Here’s a beautiful one by David Austin Roses.

bridal bouquet ideas

I hope you enjoyed this (very loose) guide to wedding bouquet ideas. Here are some more ideas for you to check out.

More Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Let me know which is your favourite style and what kind of flowers you’re thinking of having in your bridal bouquet. I’d love to know!

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