The Wedding Ceremony


The Wedding Ceremony


The Wedding Ceremony and what’s involved.

So you’re all ready, looking amazing in your wedding attire and you are just moments away from ‘tying the knot’.  You’re nervous right?  I should think so too!  It’s a big moment!  So what does the wedding ceremony entail?

Given that I’ve photographed hundreds of fabulous wedding ceremonies in my career, I can give you the lowdown right now.

The Wedding Ceremony

A civil Ceremony

The Legal Bit

The first step is to visit the Registrar’s Office in the district where you live.  They will advise you on the procedures involved and any specific legal issues that may be applicable to your situation.

Most marriages or civil partnerships require at least 28 full days notice of marriage. You should do this as soon as you can, even if you’re getting married at a venue in a different county, you still need to give notice at your local Registrar’s Office.

You will need to take evidence of your name, date of birth, nationality and place of residency. Your notice will then be publicly displayed in the registry office for 28 days, after which time, the Superintendent Registrar will issue the certificate allowing the marriage to take place, providing no objections to the marriage have been received. You must get married within one year of this date.

Most of the weddings that I photograph are civil ceremonies. In the UK, a civil registrar ceremony cannot include hymns, religious readings or prayers, and the marriage must take place at a registered or licensed venue to be legally valid. Many private premises are licensed to hold civil ceremonies and lucky for me I get to work at the most beautiful venues such as The Ashes Barns, Pendrell Hall and The Mill Barns.


As there are always two of us on your day, we get to capture the ceremony from both the front and from the back of the room too.  Always two aspects of your day.

On the day

The registrar will see both of you separately before the ceremony begins.  This is to ensure that everything is correct and in order.  The ceremony  is usually short and tends to last for about 20-25 minutes from start to finish. You will exchange vows and rings and you can also choose to have a guest stand up to say a reading.



You will now be declared as legally married!! Yay!


You will be asked to sign the register, followed by your witnesses and the registrars.

Finally, you take your first steps as a newly married couple and exit the ceremony room…. (ready for a fabulous drinks reception and a huge party!)

So if you’re getting married and you need a photographer then please do get in touch using my form here.