The Wedding Breakfast


The Wedding Breakfast

Here we are….. you’ve said your vows and you’ve enjoyed a lovely relaxed drinks reception.  It’s now time for some fabulous food!  The wedding breakfast (so called as it is the first meal that you eat together as a married couple) is the next formality of the day.

Once your guests have found their place, you will be introduced into the room as the newly married couple (to lots of cheering and clapping 😁👏).

If you are getting married at The Ashes, Pendrell Hall, The Mill Barns, The West Mill or Dodford Manor then you are in for a real treat!  Jenkinsons caterers produce absolutely scrumptious food!  I know from experience that your wedding breakfast will be delicious 😉.

the wedding breakfast

The Top Table

These days the formality is really relaxed for the wedding breakfast (thank goodness) and pretty much anything goes as far as the top table is concerned.  I’m glad that things are steering away from the ‘traditional’ seating arrangements.  The top table can seat any combinations these days.  It’s your choice who you have there.  Some couples opt for a sweetheart table, which see just the couple on a table by themselves.  Some will go for the parents, best man/woman and man/maid of honour.  Some will opt for no parents and seat the best man/woman & their partner and the grooms/brides maid and their partners.  As I say, it’s your choice and your rules 👍.

The Speeches

The speeches can be done at any time during the wedding breakfast. Again, it’s your choice.  Some couples opt to do them at the beginning, before the food.  This is usually because they have a nervous best man/woman or they themselves are nervous and want to get them done and out of the way, leaving them to enjoy their food.  Others will do the speeches after the food has been enjoyed because they don’t want their guests being distracted because they are hungry! Whichever you decide it’s always a great opportunity for me to capture wonderful images of your guests reactions, be it either tears or laughter.

Meanwhile, busy in the background, Jenkinsons caterers will be working hard producing your wedding breakfast for you and your guests.  You won’t be disappointed!  I’ve tasted many, many meals from these guys and they are always amazing.

What are you thinking of doing?  Let me know!  Contact me using my form here.