The Girls getting ready


The Girls getting ready

Hey again! I hope you enjoyed the first in this series, The Boys getting ready.  Now it’s the turn of the Girls!! I absolutely love this part of the day.  The girls getting ready before the wedding is like no ordinary morning!  The excitement is palpable.  I really feed off the energy and I can get really creative with flash too.

like I said in my previous article, (here), with there being two of us (lovely photographers) I can dedicate all of my time in the morning solely concentrating on the girls getting ready before the wedding, while my Second is with the boys.

I have done so many weddings now that I know all (well most) of the pit falls that can happen during the morning.  Such as needing a pair of scissors to cut out labels, or needing to run the readings over to the ceremony barn. Or holding onto the brides lipstick because she hasn’t got a bag.  I also know that the ‘we have loads of time’ will actually go faster than you think.  There are so many more things that I’m prepared for and will help out with.

Here’s Nicola having the finishing touches in the Bridal Suite at Mythe Barn.

It’s an important job being a Flower Girl you know.

Pretty as a picture.

Here’s lovely Michelle getting her make up done by the fabulous Rosie Massey (Psst… go give her a follow on Instagram @rosiemasseyspm) at Pendrell Hall.  A gorgeous venue in Codsall.

If you have any questions about your plans and you want to chat just get in touch.  I’m always happy to help if I can.

Also, if you are planing your weddings and want to read more about your wedding day timings, you might find this post useful :).