The Boys getting ready


The Boys getting ready

Hey there!  Thanks for dropping by.  I thought I would do a little series of blogs that will tell the story of the day in small sections, hence this first in the series, The Boys getting ready before the wedding.  We all think that it’s all about the girls but come on guys, it’s about you too, yes?

So as I always work with a second photographer, we can literally be in two places at once!  Whether it’s parties of boys and girls, girls and girls or boys and boys, we can be with you both.  For this blog I’ll be concentrating on boys and girls.  Now this can be for just the last 10 minuets before they leave for the venue (with maybe a trip to the pub en route) capturing all of the banter along the way.  It can be for a little longer before you leave.  If you’re just hanging out with the boys, playing on the Playstation etc, my Second will capture all of these small moments.  All adding to the story of your day.

Maybe you’re going somewhere for breakfast? In which case my Second will join you and may even have a bite to eat too! (We work hard on a wedding day and we have to keep our strength up!)

This was a great little place where they guys went for some breakfast.  It’s a long day and you have to keep your strength up you know!  This was Matt and his boys before they headed off to The Mill Barns in Alveley.  I work A LOT at this gorgeous venue…. I am so lucky!

Here’s to the day ahead!

Then onto The Mill Barns to get ready 🙈

Sam and his boys had just been to The Black Horse at the end of the Drive at The wonderful Ashes Barns.  It’s so close they decided to walk up the fabulous drive to the Barns.

Maybe you’ll be on the golf course and they’ll get a couple of shots of your back swing!

Whatever you will be doing on the morning of your wedding day, we will have it covered 🙂

I’ll be following up this post with more in this series.  Next up is The Girls getting ready.  Then in chronological order of the day. The ceremony, The Drinks Reception, The Wedding Breakfast and so forth.  So keep your eyes peeled in the weeks to come.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who can be with both parties in the morning (and capture the boys getting ready in the morning) then do get in touch and lets chat! You can use my dedicated contact form here.  I can’t wait to hear from you!