Rome at Christmas



Rome at Christmas

Rome at Christmas – My Travels

Just a few thoughts on my experience of Rome at Christmas.  What an incredible place to spend a few days at this time of year… before the onslaught of the festive season was well and truly upon us!  We absolutely loved every minute of this all to brief, two and a half day, trip to this breathtaking City.

We started this trip in The Plaza Premium lounge at Heathrow airport.  A nice way to wait for the flight I have to say :). Right next to the bar 👍


Our Hotel

Our little boutique Hotel right in the centre of the capital, was well hidden away.  You would be forgiven for not being able to find it.  But if you did, you would not be disappointed!  What a gorgeous hidden gem this place was.  The Hotel Monte Cenci  Manager, Paulo, gave us the warmest welcome with a huge welcoming smile and a cold glass of something bubbly.   Seriously, celebrating in Rome at Christmas is something that we should all do at some point in our lives.

Image courtesy of Hotel Monte Cenci Web Site

The Pantheon

A short 10 minute walk from our hotel found us at The Pantheon, hands down, my favourite place in this city.  It’s amazing to think that the only light source inside this building comes from the 8.8 metre diameter oculus, the opening atop of the dome.  The artist Raphael is buried there and the great artist Michelangelo, who was not easily impressed, described the Pantheon as “angelic and not human design.”  This building fascinates me the most but I’m not sure why.

The Sistine Chapel

I have been to Rome before, about 10 years ago, and we managed to see pretty much all of the sights during that week.  The only one that we didn’t see was the Sistine Chapel.  This time however, we ticked that off the list! And boy, was it worth the wait! Apart from a sore neck from constantly looking up for the best part of an hour, it was well worth the short term discomfort.  The only drawback is that you aren’t actually allowed to photograph the Sistine Chapel itself.  The rooms leading to the Chapel and after leaving it we were allowed to photograph, the results of which are what you can see here… Simply Incredible.


The Trevi Fountain

Of course, we couldn’t leave without a visit to The Trevi Fountain.  Apparently, when the fountain is open roughly €3,000 is thrown into it every day as people follow the tradition of throwing coins over their shoulders. The legend holds that a coin thrown into the fountain will ensure a return to Rome. This tradition also dates back to the ancient Romans who often threw coins in water to make the gods of water favor their journey or help them get back home safely. (Throw in a second coin if you’re seeking love – even a third for wedding bells!).  What many don’t know is that the coins are collected every night and given to an Italian charity called Caritas. Caritas, in turn, use the money for a supermarket program giving rechargeable cards to Rome’s needy to help them to get groceries.


A beautiful City

A lovely part of this trip was the weather.  It has to be said… Rome at Christmas is definitely warmer than home at Christmas ! lol…  We were walking around in jumpers (no coats!) it was lovely!  Stopping for a quick shot of espresso coffee and then off again to take in the sights.  Sitting outside to eat pizza and a cheeky glass of prosecco.  What a wonderful way to spend a few days.

We will definitely be returning next December.  I am determined to learn to speak Italian by then, so the next time you see me, if you speak Italian, please speak to me in Italian!

It’s just such a beautiful place…


Vatican City, Italy.


St Peter’s Basilica, St Peter’s Square, Vatican City.


Ancient ruins of Rome


The churches are amazing in Rome…


A spot of shopping in the shopping centre…


Rome at ChristmasIf you have been and thrown in three coins (and now have wedding bells on the cards) then get in touch today and we can talk about your wedding day plans.