Posing prompts for photographers to help couples feel relaxed in front of your lens


Posing prompts for photographers to help couples feel relaxed in front of your lens

So as things are starting to relax again now and we can get back out there to do Engagement shoots, I have put together theses posing prompts for photographers to help your clients to relax during shoots. Being in front of the camera isn’t always easy so it helps to give prompts. Once you have done some ‘in the distance’ shots to ease them in, you can get up close and personal with these prompts!

Posing Prompts to encourage Movement

  • The Monkee Walk – With their arms around each other, tell them to take large exaggerated steps to the left and right, in front of each others legs.
  • The Drunk or Tipsy Walk – With your arms around each other, walk towards me as if you’re drunk.
  • Ask them to stand about 20 feet apart, facing each other. Then get them to run towards each other for a big bear hug or a swing. Or get one of them to jump up and wrap their legs around the others waist.
  • Have one of them walk in front of the other, holding hands while looking back every now and again.
  • Dizzy kisses – Get one of them to spin the other around and then kiss them on a different part of their face on each rotation.
  • The Hip Bump – Get them to stand side by side, holding hands. As they walk towards you ask them to pull each other in and bump hips.
  • The fireman’s lift – Ask one of them to throw the other over their shoulder. This always gets a laugh and lots of movement.
  • The good Old Piggy Back Ride. This one gives great movement shots too.
  • Ask one of them to kiss the other on both cheeks as quickly and as many times as they can in ten seconds.

Posing Prompts to encourage a little bit of Romance

  • Kissing game! Tell one of them to kiss the other in three places that are not on the lips.
  • Ask them to get close and express how much they love each other using only their eyes.
  • Have them facing each other and ask them to touch their partner’s face, touch their hair, kiss their partner/s hands or touch their partner’s face with their face.
  • Have one of them nuzzle the other’s cheek with their nose.
  • Get them to face each other with their foreheads touching and eyes closed. Then get them to just think about how they met.
  • Ask them to tell each other why they love them.

Silly Posing Prompts!

  • Tell one of them to whisper their food shopping list into the others ear… in their sexiest voice!
  • Ask them to pinch each others bottom!
  • Stand them side-by-side, holding hands. Then ask one of them to tell you an embarrassing story about their partner.
  • Get them to tickle each other.
  • Ask them to tell their worst joke.

I hope you find these posing prompts for photographers useful. I always use them during engagement shoots and they always work well.

Let me know which you prefer or which work well for you!

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