Photographers who offer RAW files


Photographers who offer RAW files

Am I one of the photographers who offer RAW files? It’s a question that, thankfully, I don’t get asked much (as I hate saying ‘no’ to people). But if I am asked, the answer is always ‘No’. Let me explain why…

The easiest way to explain it is:

Would you go to Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant and ask for the ingredients so you can cook the meal yourself…

Would you go to a furniture makers and ask them for the wood and tools so that you can knock the cabinet together yourself…

Would you go to a hairdresser and ask for the scissors and cut your own hair…

You get the idea of what I’m saying here…

The Edit

So, why would you want the RAW files from your wedding photographer? It doesn’t make any sense to us. As photographers, we are more than just someone who appears with our cameras and clicks away all day. We are artists. We love what we do. We work in a certain way, that we know will get us the results we want. We then work with those RAW files to get the look and feel that we love. This is what you see. This is what you buy from us.

You can see below how I edit. The first Image is the RAW file. The second image is my edit. The changes / edits are subtle. But they are how I like my images to look and feel. I wouldn’t want anyone else using their editing techniques on them. It must be the artist in me! A composer wouldn’t want anyone changing their composition would they? 😁

RAW Image
Photographers who offer RAW files
Edited Image

Luckily, I very rarely get asked (in fact I can’t remember the last time, it was many years ago) but I know that other photographers do get asked. They will ask for advice in photography groups of how to answer. I will always advise them not to give the RAW files. It’s just not cool 😁

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Image above taken at the wonderful Ashes venue.