Pets at Weddings. It's something that I am seeing more and more of, and I love it! Why wouldn't you?

Your pets are your family so why shouldn't they be with you on your wedding day?

Well, you may have some questions:

  1. What are you thinking!?!? Our crazy, lovable dog..... at our wedding?!?! Absolutely not going to happen.
  2. Who will look after him/her before, during and after the ceremony?
  3. He/she will just run wild when they see everyone. I'll be wearing a WHITE!! dress.
  4. Who will take him/her back home when they've had enough?
  5. Can he/she really be our ring bearer?! Girl, you are crazy!

I have had the pleasure of working with a few people who offer this service and one of the loveliest, and most professional are That's Pawfect Wedding Chaperone. Check out their web site here.

Di & Tony just happen to be lovely human beings and you can tell that they love what they do. Your K9 is most certainly in safe hands.

Here's an extract from their website about what they can do for you regarding having pets at weddings.


That’s Pawfect Wedding Chaperone® is a business inspired by and born from the real love of dogs. We help loving couples and their furbabies achieve their wedding day dream and make those extra special memories furever!

Unfortunately we didn’t have our beautiful boys when we got married, the timing was all wrong. But knowing how much they are a huge part of our lives and how we love to involve them in many activities, there is no doubt in our minds they would’ve been with us and a key part of our big day.

Our company ethos is “To provide safe, consistent and high quality experiences for our four-legged friends and their owners.”

So let us plan your day, no stress, no worry, no hassle. Safe in the knowledge that we’re taking the lead, whilst your tying the knot! That’s Pawfect Wedding Chaperone® 

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Their insta is @thatspawfect

Their Facebook is

Drop them a message and see what they can do for you 🐶

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