Pendrell Wedding Photographer | Abby + Luke

Pendrell Wedding Photographer

I love each and every wedding that I photograph.  I never take for granted that my brides and grooms have put so much trust in me to capture their day in a unique way.  Their day.. that is unique to them.

Abby & Luke’s day at Pendrell Hall was no exception.   The day was awesome from start to finish, have a look for yourself 🙂

Pendrell Hall’s web site

If you are having your celebration at this beautiful venue, drop me an email here, I’d love to hear about your plans x



The author of The Dove Poem below is unknown but these words create a wonderful image of two birds joined together for the rest of their lives in peace and harmony.

Two doves meeting in the sky,
Two loves hand in hand eye to eye,
Two parts of a loving whole,
Two hearts and a single soul.

Two stars shining big and bright,
Two fires bringing warmth and light,
Two songs played in perfect tune,
Two flowers growing into bloom.

Two Doves gliding in the air,
Two loves free without a care,
Two parts of a loving whole,

Two hearts and a single soul