Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer


Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer

I love this gorgeous venue!

Wowsers!!! I got the chance to be a Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer this weekend with the gorgeous wedding of Nicola & Oliver….  and the only thing I could think when I saw it was – Wowsers!! It is beautiful! I loved everything about it.  The Bridal prep area was absolutely gorgeous and the Bridal suite (which you get use of from midday) was simply stunning!  😍


Imagine taking your vows in here!  It’s just breathtaking.  Nicola had a fabulous singer to walk down the aisle to her Beau, Oliver.

Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer
Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer




Just look at this room!! A fabulous area for the finishing touches.


I think it all got to Oliver though (how sweet is this moment!)

Bless her, Nicola was so nervous but I knew that as soon as she saw Oliver, she would feel safe and reassured and all of that angst would just fall away.

The outside is just as gorgeous as the inside.  They had so many fabulous touches throughout the day (which I will be blogging in great detail at a later date) but suffice to say, if you are having your special day here then you are definitely in for a fantastic day!!

I absolutely LOVED working here.  I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the staff who were so welcoming and helpful the whole day through!  We really were looked after so well.

If you are getting married here then I would love to hear from you as I would love to be your Mythe Barn Wedding Photographer!  Use my form to get in touch, I can’t wait to hear from you!