Let me tell you about how I work...

You've probably seen the term 'documentary approach' when you've been researching photographers. You may have also seen those ridiculous 'shots to ask your photographer for' from BRIDES magazine or whatever.....(let me tell you now, those lists are complete ********* and there is no way that any brilliant photographer will thank you for emailing them one of those).

My approach is very much the 'documentary approach'. I capture moments that can't be manufactured. Moments that happen spontaneously, which makes them so much more real. I couldn't set up these moments. And if I did, let's be honest, they'd look (and feel) rubbish. Instead, I constantly watch (it's like legal stalking) and pounce on every meaningful moment that presents itself.

I get to people watch all day, and you get really great photos of your wedding day. Happy Days.

Now then, this is the best bit. You get to wander around your awesome wedding venue, and I get to hide in bushes to create those really fancy bokeh images. If you've got no idea what I'm talking about, or you're a bit worried about this bit, don't worry, I've got you. All it takes is just 10 minutes or so during your drinks reception where I'll loosely direct you to walk, hold hands and chat to each other. That's easy enough isn't it?

We'll probably take another 5 minutes after your wedding breakfast for a landscape/sunset shot. This is the one you'll have framed up on your wall at home and everyone will say 'oooooooh wowwwww, this is amazing. Who was your photographer? We need to get her number!' (I made that last bit up) but it will look awesome on your wall 🙂

Remember, this isn't a photo shoot. You won't be expected to be anything other than yourselves. Your couple photos will be nice, relaxed, natural portraits.


........ahhh the group shots. If you're wanting a whole list of 32 group shots (believe me, I've had that email) then scroll on by cos I'm not the photographer for you. If however, you only want the groups with grand parents, parents, siblings and the wedding party, then stick around. We'll do these straight away after the ceremony so no one has the chance to disappear or get too piss*d.

Even these are done in a relaxed way. I don't give advice on how to stand or where to put your hands. If you want your hands in your pockets then go ahead! It's fine by me.

I appreciate that this approach isn't for everyone. But, honestly, my time is better served by letting me do what I do best.