my style and approach to your wedding

Let me tell you about how I work...

My documentary approach allows me opportunities throughout the day to capture REAL emotion. AUTHENTIC moments. GENUINE laughter. All the things that I look for continually during your day.

These moments cannot be manufactured. They happen spontaneously, often without reservation, which makes them so much more real and authentic. I couldn't set up these moments. Instead, I constantly watch for them and I'm always ready to capture them.

Thanks so much for being here and for wanting to know a bit more about how I work.

My entire approach to shooting your day is summed up above..... no staging, no shot list and no cheesy posing. I want you to be completely immersed into your day. To feel relaxed and enjoy your day to it's fullest.

All it takes is just 10 minutes or so during your drinks reception to go for a walk around your amazing venue. I'll loosely direct you to walk, hold hands and chat to each other. It's that easy.

We'll possibly take another 5 minutes after your wedding breakfast for a landscape/sunset shot. It's all relaxed and stress free for you.

I know what you're thinking.... You're not alone, believe me. There aren't many people who like having their photo taken, including me!

Don't worry. This isn't a photo shoot. You won't be expected to be anything other than yourselves. Your couple photos are treated along the same vein of the day really. Nice, relaxed, natural portraits of just the two of you. I'll ask you to just be yourselves, be with each other and I will capture you being YOU.


Groups.... ahhh the group shots. If you're wanting a whole list of group shots then I'm not the photographer for you. No one wants to stand around for hours on end waiting for missing guests to be located. The only groups you need are Grand Parents, Parents, Siblings and the wedding party. We'll do these straight away after the ceremony so no one has the chance to disappear or get too tipsy.

Even these are done in a relaxed manor. I won't give advice on how to stand or where to put your hands. If you want your hands in your pockets then go ahead!

I appreciate that this approach isn't for everyone. But, if you want the most important people capturing, quickly and efficiently, then I am the photographer for you.