Megan + Ash | The Ashes



Megan + Ash | The Ashes Venue

Megan + Ash celebrated their day at The Ashes Venue a few weeks ago and it was a fantastic day.  We had a bit of rain for the first part of the day but it soon cleared up and we were left with stunning evening skies, which we took advantage of.

But for starters, Megan got ready in the Dairy with her bridesmaids whilst Ash and their little boy got ready at The Moat House, where a lot of their guests stayed too.

It was a lovely moment when her bridesmaids saw Megan all ready in her amazing dress 🙂

The ceremony was a lively affair with the little ones running around. I think Ken steered Megan and Ash through it perfectly (and it was quite funny in parts!) Well done Ken!

Whilst the guests enjoyed the reception drinks, we took Meg and Ash off for their photos.  Away from everyone, they could have a little time on their own and take in that they were now husband and wife. A lot os chatting, a lot of confetti and a few canapes later and they were ready for their Wedding Breakfast.

After some great food and even better speeches they were all ready to party the night away.  Before that though, we headed back outside for some more Bride and Groom photos as the sky was looking amazing.  Then before the first dance there was the matter of cutting the cake, which was beautiful.  They also had some delicious doughnuts to share out (I know they were delicious because I was lucky enough to have one later in the evening).

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