How long are you with us on the day?


How long are you with us on the day?

How long are you with us on the day? – The short answer is I’ll be with you for long enough to tell the story of your day.  The long answer can be found below 🙂

Aa a rule of thumb I’ll be with you in the morning, from up to 2 hours before your ceremony time, right up until the dancing in the evening.  I don’t want to outstay my welcome 😂.

Suppose your ceremony is at 1.30pm, then I will be with you from about 11.30am, which means I can capture your final stages of getting your hair and makeup done, and it means that I can also get photos of your dress, suit, shoes, flowers etc before they adorn you and you’re whisked off to meet your Bride or Groom at the end of the aisle.


How long are you with us on the day?


I’ll then cover the all important legal part of the day, the ceremony, before heading out to enjoy the drinks reception, where you get to chat to all your guests and receive all the hugs you could ever need.  I’ll take this opportunity to get some lovely, natural shots of you and your guests enjoying a bit of sparkly, and the special venue that you have chosen to get married at.  Usually the drinks reception will last for about one and a half hours, where I will whisk you away from everyone for about 15 minutes, giving you time to be together for a bit of a breather and I can get some natural photos of the two of you.  We can also do a confetti shot at this point too.


How long are you with us on the day


By the time everyone has caught up with each other on the gossip front, it’ll be time for the Call For Breakfast, (phew, time to eat!).  Your guests will be asked to take their seats and you will be introduced into the room and at this point you can either enjoy the delicious food about to be brought out, or you can decide to get the speeches out of the way before you eat (if you’re feeling a little nervous).  I will be around to capture the laughter and tears of you and your guests at this point too.  Because I stay on site all day, It means that I am always there to capture anything happening, even during the meal.  Some weddings serve the ‘Host a Roast’ where one guest per table is nominated to be the carver of the meat!  Often they wear funny aprons which make for some even more funny shots! I’ll be there to capture theses moments.



After everyone has been fed and watered and the room is being turned around, you will usually find me outside working on lighting an evening shot of just the two of you.  I love evening shots as I can get really creative and produce an awesome shot of you both.

By this time, its usually about 8pm when you cut your cake and get ready to throw a few shapes on the dance floor with your First Dance!  Again, I’ll be there to capture all your moves and once your guests join you I’ll make sure I get lots of dancing shots before I head home for a large glass of wine 🙂



So in answer to the question, how long are you with us on the day? in a nutshell, that’s pretty much how my day goes.  I hope it’s given you an insight of what you can expect but if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch and ask me anything.  I’m always here to help in an way I can.