What is journalistic style photography?


Journalistic style photography

What is journalistic style photography – why I approach my weddings in this way.


What is journalistic style photography? – It’s photojournalistic photography, it’s natural photography, it’s documentary photography, It’s simply an on the fly approach to wedding photography.  Why do I approach my weddings in this way? To me, capturing someone’s wedding day ‘as it happens’ is exactly how I would want my wedding to be captured. And my clients want it exactly that way.  It’s an accurate account of what happened on the day. It’s pure emotion.  I can’t set up pure emotion.  I capture it.



I am constantly aware of everything that is happening around me and having this freedom to watch, helps me to not miss a thing.  If I’m spending time on gathering people for a group shot, or trying to track down an aunty that has gone awol, I will miss so many raw and genuine moments.  Believe it or not, it can take anywhere upwards of 15 minutes to get everyone outside and in the right place for a confetti shot.  Given that you only usually have just over an hour or so for chatting to your guests before you take your seat for your wedding breakfast, I would rather you spent that time relaxing and enjoying the moment of the day, rather than standing and waiting for the girls to return from the cocktail bar.



My clients hire me specifically for my journalistic style of photography and the ability to capture their day in a creative but natural way so they can just relax and enjoy the day that they have been planning for the last year or so. Once the wedding breakfast is over, I will step in and get really creative with my Bride and Groom shots.  I’ll often take them out and capture either a romantic walk through the cornfield as the sun sets, or we’ll get some smoke bombs on the go!



My approach isn’t for everyone but if it is for you, drop me an email and lets talk!