Interview with a Wedding Make-Up Artist


Interview with a Wedding Make-Up Artist

In my series of wedding industry interviews I have had the pleasure of getting some fantastic insight into the world of other wedding suppliers.  This week’s is wedding make up with my lovely friend Harper.  Her business is Wedding Make up by Harper and you can find her website here.

So find yourself five minutes and have a read into the business of Wedding Make up.


Can you tell me a bit about you and your business

I’m Harper, I would describe myself as laid back, quirky, a free spirit and a lover of nature. I have a creative eye and a thing for beautiful aesthetics. I dream of living in the countryside, growing my own veg with loads of rescue animals and my cats!

For as long as I can remember I have always been creative. It was only until I was 32, working as a Recruitment Consultant and feeling miserable being in a corporate environment, I decided to do a course in makeup artistry and from day 1 I knew that this was it, this was going to be my career. It’s a decision which I have never looked back from!

Makeup has always played a big part in my life from a very young age. I struggled a lot with cystic acne as a teenager so often turned to makeup as a cover up and mask my imperfections and to make myself feel better. Going into my 30’s and becoming (slightly!) more confident in my own skin I really wanted to help people who have encountered similar problems. Putting that one example aside, I never realised how many people are so self-deprecating about a lot of things until I came into this industry, which is why I feel like it’s a gift that I can help people look and feel amazing on their wedding day and give them some makeup tips that can help them in everyday life.

I really wanted to create a unique wedding business offering my clients a bespoke service and reaching out to brides who wanted a more natural and modern approach to their wedding makeup. The idea is that we worked together to create a perfect look which still looks like you, but at your best. I only use luxury cruelty free products with plenty of vegan friendly options too because it’s something I am truly passionate about! With me, on your wedding morning I always bring calm, laughter and assist like a friend wanting to make your day the very best I can.



Is a trial run absolutely necessary & why?

A trial is paramount and the most important step in the makeup process. Your wedding makeup will always be more than what you wear on a daily basis so it’s so important that you can wear it for the day and see how you feel in it. More often than none, this is the first time you’ll be getting your makeup done for your wedding so taking the time to understand the process, see the products and feel how they are on your skin is imperative to feeling your best on your wedding day. Ultimately, we will work together taking into consideration your comfort zones, your colour scheme and most importantly, what the dress looks like! Having a trial will put you at ease and prepare you for the wedding day. For more information on getting the best out of your trial I have released a blog which is useful if you want more information!



Do you work on location?

I do, yes! I am forever on the move and more than happy to travel for my clients. I find that because I am one of a handful that offer Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly products, people get in touch from all over!


Do you need to know what the dress is like beforehand?

Ideally yes. It’s always confidential and I would never discuss it with any of the bridal party but creating the perfect wedding makeup starts with understand what your dress looks like and the style of it.


Do brides need to do any prep beforehand?

Drink loads of water, it sounds really obvious (and boring) but I have noticed a distinct difference in skin hydration and condition from the trial to the wedding day even if you focus on just the final week of getting that H20 down you!

I don’t advise brides to start a new routine anything less than 8 weeks before the wedding day. Face products usually take this long to start working and become comfortable with your skin so it’s best to avoid any drastic changes in the close weeks coming up to your wedding just in case you have a bad reaction or flare up.

I would also advise to avoid facials in the final week and if you are going for a spray tan, go somewhere you know and have been already, so you are confident it’s not going to cause any reactions.


Interview with a Wedding Make-Up Artist


I expect you’ve worked with many different skin and hair types? What challenges do you love about the diversity?

What I love, it everyone is unique in their own way. The biggest challenge which is always a fun one is to create a look for bridesmaids which will compliment everyone’s skin tone but keeping them look uniform and making sure they are all happy! One of the things I love is to help people who have skin concerns and insecurities about something as I know how that feels so can totally empathise. No one is perfect, so it’s wonderful to help people overcome their insecurities even if it’s just for one day and what better day than on one of the biggest of your life!


What is your favourite part of the job?

Honestly? Everything! From being my own boss and being able to be completely in control of what I want my business to look like to guiding my brides from first contact through the process. My job is more than a job, it’s also my lifestyle and I love the fact I can influence people to switch to cruelty free products and offering advice and giving them options. Nothing makes me happier when I can help someone who is nervous about wearing makeup and put them at ease making them love the process! My ultimate favourite thing about the job though, is feedback I get, the testimonials from my brides taking the time to share their experience. I never truly realise how special someone feels until I see those kind words and it always gives me all kinds of happy emotions and confirms why I do this job! I am truly lucky!



Any great stories form working with a client?

I think that every bridal party I have worked with has left their mark in a positive way, I have been so lucky to work with some wonderful ladies! My favourite so far was when I did the wedding makeup for my bride, Katherine. We instantly bonded over our mutual obsession with cats and animals in general and started talking frequently after her wedding was over. That was over a year ago and our friendship has blossomed! It feels like she has been a part of my life and I have known her forever. That’s the lovely thing about this job, it’s very easy to make wonderful friends who you would never have met before.


Interview with a Wedding Make-Up Artist


Are there any trends that you absolutely love or would love to leave behind?

I for one very much dislike “trends” in Makeup. The worst was the extreme contouring and heavy drawn on brows, what was everyone thinking!? Makeup should be unique to everyone and it shouldn’t be about following the crowds. It should be used as a tool to help you feel more confident and enhance your best features. If you want to wear a bold red lip on your wedding day, do it. If you don’t want to wear any lipstick at all, go for it! We need to embrace what makes us individual more and that’s why I don’t like trends, it starts to send the wrong messages about what something should look like, therefore I love nothing more than to throw out the rule book and creating a look which feels authentically you


How can clients get in touch with you?

There are lots of ways! Directly via my website is a useful place to start as I have a lots of useful content like my packages page, gallery, the venues I supply for and also my blog giving useful tips about the process and how to get the most out of it! Other than that I get approached directly through Instagram, Facebook and via email. It all starts from the first contact so I look forward to hearing from you!


So there you have it!!  She is so amazingly lovely as well as being fantastic at her job, so give her a bell!


All images are taken from Harpers Instagram account (find it here)