Interview with a Wedding Cake Baker


Interview with a Wedding Cake Baker

Have you ever wondered about what exactly goes in to the whole process of ordering and making a wedding cake?  Well, wonder no more!!  My lovely Wedding-Cake-baker-friend, Laura, kindly agreed to answer some questions that I thought may help you.

Of course, I have asked only a few general questions and know that there are lots more to be asked, so if you do have more specific questions then I’m sure that Laura will be only too happy to help.  I have given her contact details at the bottom of this post :).  Give her a call, she’s lovely 🙂

Ok, let’s get started!



How did you get involved in the baking industry? 

I started by making a few Birthday cakes for family and friends and the requests starting coming in! During maternity leave, when I really didn’t want to go back to my previous job, I decided to take the plunge and set up the business.


How many wedding cakes have you baked?

Each year the amount of wedding cakes I make increases! I aim for around 50-60 wedding cakes a year now.


What is the best thing about creating wedding cakes?

I love being a part of someone’s wedding! When someone gets excited about their wedding cake and then you hear back that they loved it is just awesome!


What has been your most challenging cake to make?

Really tall cakes are always my biggest worry, especially when I need steps to add the top tier!


What was your favourite cake?

My favourite cake changes so often! There’s times when a cake is so similar to what I would pick myself, but then I also have fun making the quirky and different wedding cakes too!


Do couples generally know what they want?

Most couples generally have a rough idea based on their overall theme or colours but I also love designing a bespoke cake for a couple, making their cake completely unique!


How do you help couples who are on a budget, to create an impressive wedding cake?

I always try to help couples who are on a budget by providing them with different ideas for the design of the cake. Changing hand piped lace to a stencil lace pattern or sugar flowers to fresh flowers, making a few tweaks to the design can mean they still get a beautiful wedding cake without the larger price tag!


Do you notice trends, in requests from couples and if so how have these changed in the last few years?

I find a lot of my requests from couples are for quite similar designs. Ruffles have been a feature on my wedding cakes since I first started with the overall look of the cake changing to a more modern feel to match the changing trends.


Interview with a Wedding Cake Baker


What trend is popular now and what do you expect to continue into the next 12 months?

Marble and copper are still very popular elements of a wedding cake, matching popular trends for wedding decor. Naked and semi naked cakes will be continuing into 2019 too!


Do you have any favourite tools you use, that you couldn’t cope without?

While I still like to buy new cake tools all the time, I have a few things that I would struggle to replace! My rolling pin (which I stole from my mom!) is one tool that even though I’ve tried others, none compare to this one!


What advice would you give to couples, prior to your first meeting with them?

Don’t worry if they have no idea what they would like. Have an idea of the budget if needed, as this can be a decider for the design at times. Think about any personal touches you would like to include and most importantly, don’t eat a big meal before coming to the cake tasting so you can fill up on yummy cake!


Thanks Laura!!


You can find out lots more about what Laura can offer you on her website here.  You will find lots more help with planning your wedding day here on the Wedding Planning Guide.


If you have any questions about your wedding photography please do get in touch, I’m always here to help!