Questions + Answers

What is your style of photography?


You won't find me hiding in the shadows. I won't be unobtrusive. That's not how I work. I'll be right in there, in the middle of all the action. I will be right in front of you (sometimes). I'll be crouching right by your feet (sometimes). (And I promise you that you won't mind at all). That's how I capture the images that I do. The images that fully immerse you back into your day again every time you look at them.

What does your coverage include?


You will get me as your photographer for the day for 10 consecutive hours. Which is usually 2 hours before the ceremony time, up until the dancing in the evening. By this time, I'm ready for a big glass of something fizzy and alcoholic!

Do you do group photos?


Of course! But I do advise you to limit the amount of groups to the VIP's, as they take far longer than you would imagine. I suggest you have Grand Parents, Parents, Siblings and the Wedding Party. Your drinks reception will be far more enjoyable for you if you can relax and chat rather than be waiting around for a group member to be located. Time is precious on your day and I want you to enjoy it rather than stress because we can’t find a relative. I will enlist the help of an usher or best man to round people up so we get these photos as quickly as possible.

So what happens now?


If you want to book me for your wedding, then just get in touch and we can arrange a meeting. We can have a chat over Zoom or a good old fashioned telephone call where I'll be able to answer all of your questions.

- bobbi + matt

You’re Ready?

It's really important that you check my style and approach of shooting a wedding. It's the best way in my opinion to get the real story. YOUR real story.

Please do have a look through my portfolio to get a feel for the images I produce. If you love them and you can imagine yourselves in them, then please do get in touch and let's get the ball rolling!



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