I’m getting Married!! Now what?


I’m getting Married!! Now what?

Congratulations!! You’ve said ‘Yes’ Now what?

So here you are, ‘I’m getting Married!! Now what?’ is a question that a lot of you will be asking right after a New Year proposal! (Congrats by the way, whether it was you who had the courage to ask or you who had the sense to say ‘yes’!)

I’m so glad that you’ve found me as I’m hoping to help you out if I can.  I’ve been in this industry for quite a while and I like to think that I know a little something about wedding days 😁

I’m guessing that by now

  1. you’ve told your family (most important 😂)
  2. you’ve told everyone! &
  3. you have a fabulous ring on your finger

You may have even found your dream venue and set a date (if you’re super organised).  So now you have the task of assembling your ‘Dream Team’ of vendors.

After saying ‘Yes to the Dress’ you will probably want to turn your attention to saying ‘hell yes’ to the wedding photographer who’s work you have fallen in love with 😁😁😁. (hint, hint)

And then there are the flowers to consider…

And the cake to think about…

And what about hair and makeup?

Never mind the other one hundred and one things to think about…

Lots of things to think about. To help, I have assembled a page dedicated to answering these questions.  With the help of other Wedding Industry vendors, I hope to give you an insight into what this ‘getting married’ business is all about.

So please do go and have a look at my Wedding Planning guide here and if you like what you see in the galleries then I’d love to hear from you and arrange a chat about your day. You can get in touch with me here.

I'm getting Married!! Now what?