How to survive Group Shots on your wedding day!

Group shots on your wedding day. Even in this age of documentary photography, group shots are still a really important part of your day.

My style of shooting a wedding is to document it. The REAL moments. I am a documentary wedding photographer after all. But, it is still important to get those immediate family group shots.

So, how can you get the best of both worlds – those documentary style wedding photos that show the REAL moments of your day, while still getting all of the traditional family group shots? I have a few tips for you. First, make sure to budget enough time in your reception time for group shots. You don’t want to rush through them and miss capturing genuine smiles from your loved ones. Second, communicate with your immediate family well in advance that they will be required to be available at a certain time for the groups. I will take you through all that when we have a meeting.

If you are fortunate enough to still have parents/grandparents then please do take the time out of your day to ensure you get a lovely photo of you all. Getting the important immediate family group shots on your wedding day is essential.

I do work quickly when it comes to group shots but sometimes it can take longer than expected, depending on how cooperative your guests are. Remember that if you choose to have the more traditional groups shots then this does take time out of your day and I won't be able to get the more natural candid photos. So you have to make a choice as time is a precious and limited commodity on your day. But we will discuss all of this to see which is the best choice for you.

Emily and her bridesmaids at The Ashes

Below are two of my all time favourite photos. My wonderful mum and dad on their wedding day in 1965. And a group shot of their immediate family. I absolutely LOVE these images. I have spent my whole life loving these photos (from the age of understanding them of course). It's absolutely not the kind of photos that you see nowadays, but I love them. I can't imagine not having these to look at every now and again.

Their whole album is made up of 10 images. Each one in a similar vein to these two, but each one just as perfect.

group shots on your wedding day

By the way, how amazing is my mums dress!!!

Photos taken on the steps of St Peter's, Stoke. Photographer credit: (They can't remember!)

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