How much is a second shooter?


How much is a second shooter?

How much is a second shooter and do you need one?

So, how much is a second shooter and do you need one?  You must be wondering or you wouldn’t be reading this :).  It really depends on your day and what you have planned.  Are you having a small, intimate, relaxed wedding? Or are you planning a huge, fun filled, all-guns-blazing type of celebration?  All of these things contribute towards your decision of having a second shooter on the day.

Do you want to capture both wedding parties getting ready before the ceremony?  This is also something to consider. I will always capture one wedding party getting ready in the morning and the second party once they arrive at the church or the ceremony venue.  If you want to capture the real essence of the full day, then having a second shooter so we can be with both of you beforehand, will ensure that we capture the entire story of your day.



If you are having more than 65 guests, with lots of entertainment going on, I would always recommend having a second shooter, as this then enables us to capture more of what is happening.  We can literally be in two places at once 🙂

It’s also a nice touch that when you walk down the aisle, we can generally capture both of your first looks, which is always a lovely moment.



There really are many great reasons to have a second shooter at your wedding and I (usually) always work with the same shooters, who shoot in the same style as myself and we compliment each other totally (I wouldn’t have it any other way).

So, how much is a second shooter?  It is just £395 extra, to have the whole day captured by two of us, from up to two hours before your ceremony time, until a couple of songs after your first dance.  Which is a no brainer right?!

But, rest assured, if you are having a smaller intimate wedding, then me by myself is absolutely the right way to go. I can blend in and let you enjoy your day in all it’s intimate beauty.

We can talk about your options when you come and visit for a chat and a cuppa at the studio.  Email me to arrange a visit xx


How much is a second shooter