Honeymoon Ideas


Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon Ideas


I had lots of fabulous responses to my request asking for Honeymoon ideas.  I had put a call out to past couples asking about their Honeymoon experiences on my Facebook page.  Thank you all so much to those of you who took the time to reply!!

I am planning a trip to the States, specifically, San Francisco, Los Angeles & Las Vegas, and I got to thinking about what my couples plan for their Honeymoon and how diverse they can be.  So I put out the call and I wasn’t disappointed.

So, if you’re looking for Honeymoon ideas, then read on!



The first comment came from the lovely Maliha & Jack 💕

“Hi Deb, we did a 3 night safari at Olseki camp in Masai Mara followed by a week in Mombasa, Kenya and finished with a week in Zanzibar!

The most incredible 3 weeks full of a mixture of adventure and the whitest sand beaches!! Xx”



Craig told me about their amazing Honeymoon… 💕

“Hi Deb, Amanda and I did a week in Bangkok, visited the bridge over the river Kwai on a long boat, followed by a train ride across the original wooden bridge built by POW,s.
Had fun zooming through the backstreets of Bangkok on a tuk tuk and sampling some street 🥘 although not up for the bugs 🕷 🐛 🐜 on sticks .
It was then back to the airport for two weeks at Khao lak where we bathed Elephants at an Elephant 🐘 sanctuary, visited James Bond island and gypsy village, visited an orphanage that was set up after the tsunami where we bought and took supplies, rode bikes to a nearby waterfall during a tropical downpour and had a private dinner on a candle lit 🏝 with our own chefs and released lanterns afterwards. Absolutely loved everything about it, a truly memorable 3 weeks.”



It was so lovely to hear from one of my favourite past Brides, Pin 😍💕💞

She told me about their experience in Mexico 💞

“Hi Deb, you’re looking beautiful as always, hope life is treating you well…we went to Moon Palace Grand in Cancun, Mexico, absolutely lush, waited on 24 7, the most idyllic setting and now one of our favourite places, the natural habitat was amazing, cocktails and food were fabulous, hot tub in our room and best of all, released baby turtles into the ocean, a dream wedding and honeymoon, our special day captured by your stunning and cherished pics 💞”



Lovely Charlotte & Richard went to Las Vegas and gave me some fab ideas for my holiday 😁👍💞

“We went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon and it was bloody amazing!!! The Grand Canyon skywalk was a fabulous experience and for someone who’s scared of heights I think I did well 😂 from shows, to gambling, to happy hour on a big wheel…to seeing flamingos in a hotel garden it’s now my fave place and we have booked to go back in august to celebrate our wedding anniversary a bit late but wanted it to be sunny 💕xx”



Christian, a good friend and fabulous magician also went to where I’m going, San Francisco!  He told me of a great night at the museum but alas, I checked and they only do it on a Thursday evening and I will have moved on by then so I can’t experience it.  This just means that I’ll have to go back at some point 😎😂

“We did San Fran, Hawaii and Vegas and bloody loved it! Definite highlight was driving across the Golden Gate bridge in a mustang 😎 and one of the best nights in San Fran was when we found out they close the Science Museum at 5pm for the kids….and open it back up at 7pm and make it adults only. They have alcohol, DJ’s, turn off the lights and turn it into the coolest night out ever!”



Ahhh the lovely Faye told me about her Honeymoon in Walt Disney World 💕…


We went to Florida 😍 we did 3 nights in Clearwater, Tampa, then 11 nights in WDW 🐭🐭💫💖

We’re not sit on the beach all day sort of people, but we also knew after the wedding we wanted a rest, so that’s why we opted for Clearwater for a few nights and it was paradise😍😍so so beautiful to just relax and take it all in and also to take in the fact we were now actually married!

Then onto my favourite place in the whole wide world (for my sixth visit!)- Walt Disney World, because it’s the most magical, amazing place on Earth.- NOT a resting holiday, but so incredible with a million and one things to do then a million more!!

Couldn’t have been more perfect 😍💖💫”



My lovely Bride, Nazan, who is a professional Opera singer 😍 also went to San Fransicso 💞

“Hi Deb,

We did West coast America, starting in San Fran and going via Yosemite and along Route 1. Then a week in Hawaii.

We’d describe the whole experience as breathtaking- exhausting first half and relaxing second. Highly recommend”


Honeymoon Ideas


And finally, lovely Laura went to Malaysia 💞

“Malaysia for us! Orangutans in Borneo, boat trip to an uninhabited island to see turtles being born and released and treehouse lodge at the Datai in Langkawi 🐒”



Well, after reading these honeymoon ideas, my bucket list just grew a lot bigger 😂

I hope this has helped in some way, or given you some Honeymoon ideas at least.  If you’re looking for a wedding photographer the please do get in touch and lets have a chat 😁