Hanbury Wedding Barn // New Wedding Venue


Hanbury Wedding Barn // New Wedding Venue

Hanbury Wedding Barn // New Wedding Venue, Staffordshire.  Hanbury Wedding Barn is a new wedding venue which is under construction as we speak, well as this blog goes live anyway.  Scheduled to open in June 2019 and located in Staffordshire (pretty much right on my doorstep!) in-between Stoke-on-Trent and Derby (which incidentally is where my gorgeous son lives and works) this new wedding venue has the makings of a stunning setting and location for you to say your ‘I Do’s’.


Hanbury Wedding Barn // New Wedding Venue, Staffordshire.*image taken from the Hanbury Wedding Barn website


The brainchild of Adrian (a wedding photographer himself)  & his wife, Kirstie, this beautiful venue is set to become a relaxed, rustic and stylish wedding venue, which in their own words, Hanbury Wedding Barn will be a venue like no other.

In their own words taken from their web site:

The venue is family run and will feature an elegant red brick ceremony barn with exposed timber frames, an outdoor ceremony pavilion overlooking a lake, a spacious courtyard and a welcoming wedding breakfast room. It will be the perfect place to begin married life with your family and friends.

Hanbury Wedding Barn will also be exceptionally green. At its peak up to 85% of our energy will be coming from renewable sources. We will also have two dedicated ecological preserves making this is a venue that gives back to its magnificent surroundings.


You can see how their vision will translate into reality on their website here.  It looks incredible…

I, for one, cannot wait to see it all finished and possibly even get to shoot a wedding here! It could be yours! If you are planing your wedding please do get in touch with me if you want to have a chat about your wedding photography.