Foxtail Barns wedding photography

Kirsten & Lawrence's Foxtail Barns wedding was filled with fun, sunshine and rain in equal measure.

They opted for the trestle table layout for the wedding breakfast. This always makes me do a happy dance firstly because it looks so fab, and secondly because I can get some great wedding photography when the seating is arranged in this way.

Wedding portraits around the grounds

Generally a Foxtail Barns wedding will consist of you having a fantastic day, with me watching constantly for everything happening and then documenting it. From the moment I arrive I'll be watching; waiting and shooting. If you've had a read of my website you will know that my approach to shooting the wedding portraits is as relaxed as the way I shoot the rest of the day. This is partly due to the fact that I'm no good at posing people and partly due to the fact that I don't need to tell YOU how to be with each other. You are the professionals when it come to being with each other. I just take the photos! They are done in such a relaxed way that you don't have to worry or be nervous about having your photo taken. Just ask Kirsten and Lawrence!

Games time

Using all his talent, Lawrence made the games himself (apart form the foosball). Needless to say, the guests made good use of them all throughout the afternoon and evening. I'm still not sure how I missed getting a shiny silver ring to the face considering how many times I walked directly in the path of someone swinging it, but I didn't.


Foxtail Barns wedding photography

If you have booked your day at this wonderful venue and you're looking for Foxtail Barns wedding photography, then please do get in touch.

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