Foxtail Barns Wedding Photographer


Foxtail Barns Wedding Photographer

Hello there, I’m Debs and you’ve guessed it! I’m a Foxtail Barns wedding photographer! Well, I will be once it’s built.

Have you seen their website? Foxtail Barns Weddings. You’ll find loads of information about their plans they have for this amazing space.

Foxtail Barns Wedding Photographer
Foxtail Barns Wedding Photographer

It used to be Consall Gardens a few years ago. The gardens will still remain but the rest is getting a revamp. I literally cannot wait to go and see it. Even before it’s built I’m sure you will still get a good feel for how it’s going to look.

Being the sister venue to The Ashes, The Mill Barns & Pendrell Hall, it’s guaranteed to be amazing. The team behind these venues really do know their stuff when it comes to wedding venues.

At the moment I’m an Ashes wedding photographer; a Mill barns wedding photographer and a Pendrell Hall photographer. I literally can’t wait to be a Foxtail Barns wedding photographer too!

Photojournalist for The Dream Team

I’ve been on the Dream Team for these venues since the beginning. It is an honour for sure. I get to work at these well run venues with my amazing couples. I never take how lucky I am for granted.

Photojournalist for The Dream Team

So here’s a little snippet from The Foxtail Barns website:

“Looking for something different?

Do you want a truly extraordinary day?

Foxtail Barns is a unique wedding venue; the ceremony space is pure romance, red brick with traditional oak beams, plenty of sunshine and fragrant foliage.

The party barn is a modern, contemporary barn featuring industrial styling, wrought iron and distressed woodwork.

The venue’s eclectic mix of enchanting, stylish design, makes this a stand-out among barn wedding venues.

Opening Summer 2021; at the heart of this incredible brand-new, purpose-built wedding venue is a magical space to make your own.

With 10 years’ experience in hosting weddings at our exclusive use, barn wedding venues, you can be assured that this unique wedding venue is the perfect balance of form and function.”

Please do get in touch, I’d love to hear about your plans for this amazing venue.