Dream Team Suppliers for Pendrell Hall

What an absolute beaut of a venue this is! Being one of the Dream Team suppliers for Pendrell Hall means that I get to work here time and time again, for which I am so grateful! It's a gorgeous venue to work at. Mainly due to the beauty of the venue but also because of the team who run the weddings here! They work so hard to make sure that your day runs perfectly so you don't have to worry about a thing.

You just get to celebrate with all your family and friends in this amazing place. All the while in the background are a brilliant team of people working hard to make your day go by flawlessly.

The Restoration

I remember meeting with Ben & Sarah when they first bought Pendrell Hall and It was a BIG project they had taken on. The bones were there. They just needed to work with that and make it what it is today. They did a magnificent job didn't they! The restoration is incredible. They kept all of the natural beauty and feeling of the place. It was all enhanced to the best it could be. They really did an amazing job.

At the time is was on the Dream Team at The Ashes wedding venue (the sister venue to Pendrell) and was thrilled to be asked to be on the Dream Team Suppliers for Pendrell Hall now too!

Dream Team Suppliers for Pendrell Hall

The Dream Team

For me, being on the Pendrell Hall Dream Team, means that I have worked here numerous times (I can't even remember how many, but it's a lot!) This also means that I know exactly where to be and when, for every single part of your day.

I just love the iconic Pendrell Blue Gates here. Always a great place to have an early evening portrait as the sun sets... beautiful!

Wedding Experience Evening

Another bonus of booking this fab venue is you get to have the Wedding Experience evening! It's a great opportunity to sample the food by Jenkinsons caterers. To have a walk around the venue and experience it full of people. As one of the Pendrell Hall Dream Team, I get to take photos of this event. Hopefully I'll see you there!

So if you are looking for your Dream Photographer and you want to have a chat with one of the Dream Team suppliers for Pendrell Hall then please do get in touch! I am dying to hear all your plans for your amazing Pendrell Hall Wedding!

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