Do we need to feed our vendors?

Do we need to feed our vendors is a great question! And according to who you speak to there are varying answers.

Of course I, (as a vendor), will say a resounding YES! Please do feed your vendors. It's a nice thing to do and it's quite essential from where I sit.

Do we need to feed our vendors?

I mean, we as wedding photographers are with you pretty much all day, so it's a long time to keep going on very little to eat.

I'm not saying that we don't bring our own food. I do. But then I can't go more than an hour without eating something!!

I have lots of food with me on a wedding day. Lots of fruit. Flapjacks. Snacks. That sort of thing. I also bring sandwiches to eat when I get the chance, but a lovely hot meal before or after the speeches is always a welcome sight.

Why Feeding wedding photographers is important

If we run through the day you will see why we appreciate a hot meal at around 6pm...


8am - Breakfast at home before heading out the door.

10.30am/11am - Arrive on site with the Bride getting ready. Run around taking photos for a few hours 🙂

1pm - Ceremony. Stand for 30 minutes poised and ready to get all the important shots.

Early Afternoon

1.30pm - Outside for reception shots. Shoot for an hour and a half. Taking photos of all the guests. Set up the confetti shot. Bride & Groom Portraits. Shot of the Wedding Breakfast room set up. Group Shots. Arrange Whole group shot.

3.30pm - Photograph guests coming into the Wedding Breakfast room. Photograph the Bride & Groom coming into the room.

4pm - Speeches (sometimes they are after the meal, sometimes before)

Late Afternoon

5pm - 1st chance of grabbing a drink and a snack. That's 9 hours since I last ate and about 7 hours of constant running around and being on high alert. Not really drinking either.

6pm - I do ask my couples to feed us and the catering firm will feed us after they have served you and all of your guests with your main meal. So hot food comes to us about 6pm. That's 10 hours since I had my weetabix so I really am grateful at this point for a sit down and a hot meal!! Then a lovely desert is just the sugar rush I need to get me through the next few hours until I get back home at about 10pm.


10pm - Home & time for Supper and a large Gin!

So if your asking yourself the question 'Do we need to feed our vendors?' then I would say "please do!". We really appreciate it.

I'd love to hear from you if you are planning your wedding. Get in touch now and let's have a chat!

These timings are pretty good examples of how an Ashes, Pendrell or Mill Barns Wedding would run.

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