Consultation with a Wedding Photographer

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Consultation with a Wedding Photographer

A Consultation with a Wedding Photographer…. what exactly is going to happen and what will you learn?

During your consultation with me…

Well, you will get to know me a little bit better and as soon as we can have face to face meetings again you will know just how good I am at making coffee.

And you will see that I have really nice biscuits to offer around…

Consultation with a Wedding Photographer

You can ask me anything…

But aside from the wonderful hospitality, you will be able to ask me anything that you like. We generally talk a lot about everything! It’s sometimes a good 20 minutes before we even get onto talking about photography! I love to talk to people and find out about them and their lives. People fascinate me. And I have a lot of time to listen to everyone.

We’ll talk about how your day will run. Usually couples don’t talk about the timeline of their day until the chat to a photographer and they often say that at that point it all feels real! I get really excited hearing all the plans!

We’ll go through where you’re both going to be in the morning when your getting ready so that I know where I’m going to be coming to for the getting ready part of your day and where I’ll be sending my second photographer to in the morning.

We’ll cover it all…

We’ll cover the whole day. The ceremony, and that I’ll stand at the front to get you walking down the aisle and my second will be at the back to get that first look moment!

Next, it’s on to the drinks reception. This is where we will get your group shots, your confetti shot, your portraits and lovely natural shots of your guests, laughing, chatting, hugging and drinking. We will do the essential group shots, which is usually immediate family and the bridal party. Then we’ll draw you away form your guests for just the shortest amount of time to get your portraits. We will make sure that these are done as naturally as possible. You won’t even know that we’re taking photos for the most part. And it’s nice to have a few minutes alone together, to take in the beautiful surrounding of your chosen venue.

Then what…

Then of course comes the after dinner speeches!!! Always a great time to capture your guests reactions, often laughter, sometime tears and everything in-between. We’ll capture it all.

During the changeover period between the end of your wedding breakfast/speeches and before your evening guests arrive, we’ll usually go out side and get something a bit special! It depends on what time of year you are getting married, but it could be something dramatic with a sunset. Or something really creative with twinkly lights and my portable flash. Or maybe even smoke bombs! What ever it is, it’ll be awesome!

And finally…

And then, finally, you get to hit the dance floor!!!! Whoop!!! We’ll capture all of the moves happening on there. Including any tie’s around heads or knee slides….

What a wonderful day you’ve had!!

So, in a nutshell, that’s pretty much what happens when you come for a consultation with me. A virtual run through of your amazing day with coffee and biscuits…


If you would like a consultation with me and have a chat about YOUR amazing day, just get in touch using the contact form here.

The image of me was taken at the wonderful Downs Banks National Trust Nr to Stone, Staffordshire.