Confetti Shots


Confetti Shots

Are you wondering whether to have confetti shots at your wedding? Then have a read through and see what you think afterwards.

There are a lot of traditions surrounding weddings and throwing confetti is just one of them. It originates from the Italian custom of throwing sweets called ‘confetti’ at carnivals and celebrations. (I didn’t know that until just now! Nice one Google)

From then, the tradition was adopted throughout Europe and is believed to have been around in the UK since Pagan times.

The meaning behind throwing it over the happy couple is that it bestows prosperity and fertility upon them. In the early days rice and grains were used, but that changed throughout the years to flower petals and paper because they didn’t hurt as much!

Happily now confetti seems to be moving in the direction of being bio-degradable, so is welcomed more by churches and venues.

Outdoor Confetti Shots

Confetti shots
Confetti Shot at The Ashes
Confetti Shots

The Ashes has an amazing space to take your confetti shots. Between the West Barn and the House, you can choose to have a tunnel of confetti. This is where all your guests line up in two lines facing each other. You then walk between them (through the tunnel) and they throw the confetti over you as you pass them. Or, you can opt for the ‘horseshoe’. This is where you and your new Husband/Wife stand together and all your guests gather around you and all through the confetti at the same time.

Either way works as well as each other and both produce great images. It’s entirely up to you how you want to do it.

Confetti Shots

Indoor Confetti Shots

Then of course, there is the opportunity to have your confetti thrown as you walk back up the aisle as a newly married couple. This is a great idea if it’s raining or if it’s a winter wedding and it’s too cold to do it outside. In some cases, the venues require you to throw the confetti inside due the the freezing weather and It becoming a pain to clear if there is a frost.

All the Confetti!

Confetti shots at The Mill barns is always a great shot if you get your wedding party to throw baskets of the stuff from the balcony 😂.

Confetti Shots

Let me know what you are planning on doing for yours xx

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