Alphabetical Advice just for you


Alphabetical Advice just for you (loosely speaking) 

Always remember, you are Enough…

I was wondering what to blog about this week and I came up with this!  An Alphabetical Advice just for you blog, only for a bit of fun of course  😁  Although these quotes do ring true 👍

Alphabetical Advice just for youAct like a lady.  Think like a boss.

Be yourself, always. Around any and everyone.  It’s too exhausting to be anything else.

Count your blessings.  You have many if you just look.

Do your very best.

Everything WILL be ok.

Friendship and Family is everything.

Give your all.

Hope will take you far.

If you think at all, think Big. If you’re thinking Big, think Bigger.

Judge no-one, especially yourself.

Kindness is free, use that shit often.

Love yourself.

Make your mark on the world.

Never give up.

Open your eyes and see the world.

Positivity is the way.

Question everything.

Rest when you need to.

Stand up and be counted.

Take control of your own destiny.

Underestimating someone is a foolish thing to do.

Ventures into the unknown can be most enlightening.

Worrying never helped anyone.

Xenophobia is never acceptable.

You are enough.

Zoolander – “Really really really ridiculously good-looking”


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