Wowsers! You mean I get a page all about me?!?

That’s me over there on the left…

Hi! I’m Debs, your wedding photographer!

I’m generally a happy person, I laugh a lot and I love Elephants, Pandas, Marvel’s Deadpool and anything shiny.

I’m a total believer in trying every variety of donut available, I drink coffee and wear hats (I have a lot of them) mainly because they are awesome for bad hair days…

It’s a little known fact that when I was 8 years old I won a fancy dress competition at a caravan park in Towyn. I went dressed as a Cow Girl. There is photographic evidence of this somewhere in my mum’s house.  It stayed with me because I own 3 pairs of cow girl boots (oh my, how I love my cow girl boots) and I have the best fringed jacket you ever did see. 

I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living and I can’t wait to hear about YOUR wedding!